We Olive to Go To The Movies – Cinema-Themed Cocktails!

Our first Midwest location, We Olive & Wine Bar Cincinnati recently hosted a silent movie night complete with housemade EVOO popcorn and cinema-themed cocktails featuring We Olive olive oils and vinegars. Create your own movie theme party with the menu and recipes below.

Cinema Cocktails
Written and Produced By: We Olive and Wine Bar Cincinnati
Directed by: Overlook Lodge

Across the Universe 
Starring: We Olive Strawberry White Balsamic
Co-Starring: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with Lime Bite
Supporting Cast: Club Soda, Strawberries, Lime Wedge

Get the recipe here.

From Dusk Till Dawn 

Starring : We Olive Jalapeno Olive Oil
Co-Starring: Jose Cuervo Tequila Silver
Supporting Cast: Triple Sec, Fresh Lime Juice

Get the recipe here.

Starring: We Olive Blood Orange Olive Oil
Co-Starring: Svedka Cucumber Lime Vodka
Supporting Cast: Sanpellegrino Blood Orange Sparkling Soda, Fresh Lime Juice, and Simple Syrup

Get the recipe here.

Smokin Aces 
Starring: We Olive Pineapple White Balsamic
Co-Starring: Bullet Rye Bourbon
Supporting Cast: Smoked Olive Oil, Simple Syrup, and Club Soda.

Get the recipe here.

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