Beer and Cheese Tasting


Join us the third Thursday of each month for our Beer and Cheese tasting featuring a different brewery each month. Our next tasting will be Thursday, July 20th from 5:00pm-9:00pm, join us, as we pair 4 different beers provided by North Coast Brewing Company along with 4 cheeses from The Cheese Shop at The Mix.

$20.00 per person.

Drop in for a unique and interesting tasting experience!


2 Responses to “Beer and Cheese Tasting”

  1. Sara Bazant

    for your beer & cheese tasting, it is a structured event from 5-9pm, or is it self-paced where we can come any time within that time frame?

    • belmont-shore

      Hi Sara,
      I am sorry I missed your message last month. However, we are having our beer and cheese tasting tonight from 5pm-9pm and you can come any time within that time frame.
      Hope to see you soon!


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