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Aged balsamic vinegar used in interesting ways

When most people think of vinegar, they wrinkle their noses with the acidly remembered smell. With good reason, since vinegar is used to preserve food items and as a cleaning solution. It is not something people would think of to use as a topping or dressing on their common recipes. Aged balsamic vinegar, however, is… read more

Olive oil gift basket accompanies a great meal

Nothing brings good friends together like a nice meal. Home-cooked food using the best ingredients, and finished off with a bottle of fine wine can make for a great evening. We Olive is one of the best retailers of wine and olive oil products, available both online and in stores. For quality products that make… read more

Make your own facial scrub with alifornia extra virgin olive oil

Some of the most luxurious and high quality facial scrubs are unreasonably expensive. A simple and just as effective version can be made at home for considerably less money. Olive oil works as a natural moisturizer and repairs the cells in your skin. When paired with an abrasive such as sugar, which exfoliates dead cells,… read more

Use aged balsamic vinegar in cooking

Aged balsamic vinegar is often overlooked in the cooking world, but it can add a unique flavor to a lot of dishes. It can be used in a marinade or baste for meat, or tossed with salad. For example, when cooking chicken in a skillet, you can add balsamic vinegar as part of the sauce… read more

Look for certified extra virgin olive oil

When shopping for olive oil for your favorite recipes, beware of false advertising and purposely misleading labeling. There are many grades of olive oil, depending on where in the pressing process it was bottled. “Extra virgin” is the highest quality oil, then “virgin” and then regular. The higher the quality, the more expensive the oil… read more

Join the California olive oil club for exclusive benefits

For gourmet cooks and food enthusiasts, there is no better gift than having exclusive, high-quality ingredients to cook with. We Olive promotes an Olive Oil Club for special members. When you sign up, you will receive two bottles of certified California olive oil every quarter. These top oils are not found in supermarkets or stores,… read more

Use aged balsamic vinegar in your favorite recipes

Olive oil is not the only thing that can be made from the juice collected from fruits. Fermented wine grapes that are aged for several years in barrels is turned into balsamic vinegar. Aged balsamic vinegar makes a great topping to salads and vegetables, but can be used in many other dishes a well. It… read more