Pour & Pose with Iz

Yoga & Mimosa’s help to get you through!

Kick off Sunday Funday! $20 is like a drop in at a studio: with a relaxing but strength building yoga class followed by a GUILT-FREE artisanal mimosa (most classes don’t include this)

Join Isabelle Laski as she incorporates mobility and stability into a yoga class friendly for all-levels. Enjoy the relaxing tunes, move the body, improve focus and enjoy a delicious drink and tastings afterward.

Then, go shopping in Old Town! It’s a win-win!

Visit us on Facebook to purchase your tickets today! 

2 Responses to “Pour & Pose with Iz”

  1. Tracy Van Fleet

    Pour & Pose with Iz. Do you offer this class every week? When will the next one be?

  2. GiGi

    Is Pour & Pose with Iz still offered? If so, what time is it and does it include the tastings for $20? Thank you.


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