Grilling Guide: Memorial Day Eats & Drinks

Grilling season kicks off this Memorial Day weekend and we’ve been in the backyard testing out some of the great new sauces and rubs that are available on We Olive shelves. We’ve also been thinking about what to drink, as we tend to do, with all of the tasty things that will be coming off our grill. Here are our picks for the best BBQ-friendly wines (and beer) with some delicious pairing suggestions to boot!

If you’re making seafood, veggies or fruit:

We Olive Sriracha Lime White Balsamic
The brightness of the lime juice is well balanced with chilies from the sriracha sauce.  Not too sweet, with a pleasant, lingering, savory chili heat finish. Pair with EVOO as a vinaigrette for a slaw, marinade for veggies (and meats), salads, or grilled pineapple! Pickled spicy onions, anyone?

Our Wine & Beer Pick: Chenin Blanc is crisp, refreshing and aromatic and pairs up nicely with the complex flavors of grilled veggies & seafood. And Gose’s tart and saltiness is a natural with seafood and veggies. Our favorite is the 2018 Clarksburg Wine Company Chenin Blanc & Great Raft Brewing Life Itself Key Lime Pie Gose.


If you’re making chicken or fish:

Lone Star Rosemary & Pepper Honey or Sweet Mesquite Honey
The flavor combinations this Texas honey maker dreams up, will be a crowd pleaser, if you dare to share.  The savory and sweet pairs are highlighted not only on chicken but also on roasted veggies like potatoes and carrots. Their honeys are also great to mix in a cocktail. We suggest the rosemary & pepper in a blood mary recipe and the sweet mesquite in an old fashion!

The Smoked Olive Smoked Olive Oil 
This is a favorite and double gold winning olive oil. It takes all the guess work out of making sure your fish or chicken has the perfect smokiness. Drizzle on before cooking, or use as a finishing oil on fish, chicken, pasta, or veggies.  Heaven!!!

Our Wine & Beer Pick: A Chardonnay and a White Blend come to mind because they both are aromatic whites that tend to have soft fruit and great viscocity that make them a natural match to fish and chicken with a little bit of smokiness. We love the 2019 Il’ Coure ‘The Heart’ Chardonnay from Mendocino, CA and the  NV Montinore Estate Borealis from Napa. And a lighter IPA from Gulfport, MS has just enough sweetness from the fruit and tropical aromas to pair nicely with fish and chicken… Chandeleur Island Brewing Company Lil Smack.


If you’re making steak:

Ritrovo White or Black Truffle Oil, Truffle Flakes, & Truffle Salts
Give that bold earthy taste profile a complementary earthy taste with the taste of real Italian truffles.  Nothing chemical or artificial about these products, just all the goodness!

We Olive Traditional Aged Balsamic & EVOO
The thick heartiness of balsamic that has been aged up to 25 years, paired with the freshest EVOO on the market is an amazing steak marinade. Just don’t forget to save some for dipping bread while you wait for the steak to cook. And if you want to add a little kick of heat, just replace the EVOO with Jalapeno Olive Oil!

Our Wine Pick: Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect pairing for a steak.  A bold California Cabernet who’s winemaker is Cameron Woodbridge, from Woodbridge family of winemakers, and is our owner’s favorite, 2016 Wolf’s Head Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley.  With think a bold steak needs a beer bursting with hops without any of the harsh bitter finish like the Parish Brewing Envie American Pale Ale, from Broussard, LA.


If you’re making pork, burgers, or ribs:

We Olive Smoked Bacon Jam
You knew this would be on the list. After all it’s a guest favorite.  If you Memorial day starts with breakfast, be sure to slather this smoky sweet goodness on your breakfast sandwich.  It also goes well on brussel sprouts and in a marinade for salads.

Daigles’s Cajun Pecan BBQ Sauce
This stick-to-the-ribs barbecue sauce is sure to create a back yard sizzle. This award winning sauce is the perfect pairing for chicken, pork, ribs and corn-on-the-cob. Brush it on meats at the very end of grilling for a sweet glaze. Dip French fries, onion rings or fried zucchini sticks. Sure to spice up the grill.

Our Wine & Beer Pick: Zinfandel is a sure bet when it comes to anything off the grill. It’s bold fruit flavors and peppery spice are a natural match for grilled meats, even those with a spicy kick. Look for a fruit-forward version which will help balance the heat in your dish. We like the 2015 League of Rogues ‘Rapscallion’ Zinfandel, from the Central Coast. And we would be amiss if we didn’t follow up a BBQ party with the perfect local golden ale, Great Raft Brewing 318.

We can’t wait to hear about what your favorite dishes, drinks, and pairings were this summer!  Stop by We Olive in Shreveport to pick up any of these items and say hi!

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