Meet Jeff Gaffner of Saxon Wines – Tuesday, April 3rd

Tuesday, April 3rd – Hurry! Only a few spots left – Call Now 210-0477

6:00-8:00pm Meet the Winemaker – Wine Tasting with Jeff Gaffner of Saxon Wines, one of the most sought after winemakers for artisan labels! $25.00

One of the limited availability tickets gets you 5 generous pours of featured Saxon Brown wines and unlimited featured tapas. You also get an additional 15% off your purchase of featured wines and retail items! Come taste with us!

Reserve your space by calling the store 318-210-0477


“The most important thing a winemaker can add to the vineyard is their shadow” — Jeff Gaffner

Jeff began his career at Chateau St. Jean, under the tutelage of renowned vintner Richard Arrowood, who Jeff credits with teaching him the importance of being as passionate about growing the grapes as making the wine. While at Chateau St. Jean, Jeff was part of the winemaking team responsible for the winery’s celebrated 1996 Cinq Cepages, which was named Wine of the Year by Wine Spectator Magazine. In the years since, Jeff has become one of the most sought after winemakers for artisan labels, having gained critical acclaim and a loyal following for his site-specific focus and restrained winemaking style.

Saxon Brown wines are crafted, literally from the ground up. Jeff spends at least as much time in the vineyard as the cellar. This commitment to a wine’s roots is a grounding principle of Saxon Brown. As a third generation Sonoma farmer, Jeff has spent his entire career as both a grower and winemaker and as such, believes that only great vineyards can make truly great wine.

For Jeff, part of the joy of having his own label, is the ability to champion those sites that he believes are among the most exciting and expressive, whether in his own backyard of Sonoma Valley or the far reaches of Monterey County’s Santa Lucia Highlands. Jeff goes where the grapes take him.

Who is Saxon Brown?

Jeff always thought that if he had a daughter, he would name her Saxon Brown after the willful heroine of Jack London’s iconic novel, Valley of the Moon. In 1997, after having two sons, Jeff decided to re-purpose the name he loved for his new wine label. In the book, Saxon Brown and her family struggle to pull themselves out of poverty by setting out on a search for land they can work and make their own. The novel touches on themes – hard work, independence, farming and family – that inspired Jeff’s own efforts with Saxon Brown wines. Set in Sonoma Valley – where Jeff lives – and rich in local history, Valley of the Moon was a childhood favorite of Jeff’s and his sons, Jason and Tyler.

Come taste with us!

Reserve your space by calling the store 318-210-0477

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