California Wine Industry

California wine is abundant. If California were a nation, it would be the fourth-leading wine-producing country in the world behind France, Italy and Spain, in that order. California produces 90% of the wine made in the U.S. and there are more than 5,400 wineries in the state with the largest 25 shipping 90% of all California wine to markets worldwide.  20 million tourists visit California wine regions each year spending more than 20 billion dollars, but this multi-billion dollar industry has humble beginnings from vines brought by early European settlers of California. Many of the best wines in California are produced by smaller, family-owned wineries, cultivated by a labor of love, rather than the big 25 that produce millions of cases with labels that are known worldwide.

The state of California is vast with diverse wine regions and an endless number of grape varietals grown here. To take a tour of California’s wine regions, learn more about the grapes we grow, and discover the keys to pairing food and wine, click here.