About Us

Paso Robles, also known as El Paso de Robles or “The Pass of the Oaks”, is a quaint little town located half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, off Highway 101. Nestled into the beautiful rolling hills of the Central Coast, the historic City of Paso Robles is known for its mineral waters, fine dining, wine tasting and a growing number of some of the finest California Olive Oils.

In October of 2003, Paso Robles also became home to the first We Olive store. Since our opening in 2003, multiple We Olive stores and wine bars have opened around the US. We Olive’s Paso Robles flagship is run by General Manager, Jennifer Holmes. Meet Jennifer and her fantastic staff here.

Here, Jennifer shares what makes We Olive Paso Robles unique and what to expect when visiting the store.

Q. What is your favorite thing about being a part of the We Olive family?

A. I love meeting people and educating our guests through olive oil tasting. I love to hear about where our customers come from and how they heard about us. It’s great to see the reaction from our customers when they taste our extra virgin olive oils for the first time.

Q. How would you describe the relationship with your customers at We Olive Paso Robles?

A. I love to see our regular customers come in to refill their olive oil bottles, but it is even better to have them bring in their friends and family to meet us and share the “Olive Oil Experience.” I learn a lot from our regular customers and I try to remember what they purchased before or show them what is new. We have a very friendly and helpful staff here, when you visit you will most likely be greeted by me (Jennifer) or Denise, Britta and Alisha, with a smile on our face.

Q. What are your bestsellers and personal favorites?

A. Our best selling extra virgin olive oil is the Arbequina and our most popular vinegar is the Traditional Aged Balsamic. But ask any of the staff and they will say our #1 seller is the CC MADE caramel sauce! It is delicious over ice cream or for dipping fruit…or just by the spoonful.

I love to experiment with different combinations of our oils and vinegars and right now my favorite is the Jalapeno Olive Oil mixed with our Pineapple White Balsamic Vinegar, you have to try it!

Q. What is your favorite recipe or tip to share with your guests?

A. I am always telling our customers to try the We Olive Parmesan Asiago Dip. It’s delicious mixed into some warm pasta with steamed veggies or spread on top of french bread and broiled until it’s bubbly. I even put it on top of baked potatoes, yum!

Q. What makes We Olive Paso Robles unique?

A. Paso Robles is a fantastic town and community of good people.¬†We are located in the center of Downtown Paso where you can spend the day wandering through great locally owned shops, restaurants and wine tasting rooms and you’ll get that friendly, neighborly treatment. Our goal is to offer the best of the best to our customers and we encourage everyone to taste everything in the store. We are proud to be the voice of “The California Olive Grower” and we love to tell our customers their story. We think you will love our store so much you will want to return again and again.