About Us

We Olive & Wine Bar Shreveport and the newer Bossier location is owned and operated by Kevin & Virginia Calhoun. Learn more about them and their plans to serve Shreveport-Bossier area here.

Kevin and I were born and raised in Shreveport.  We have five children and twelve grandchildren.  We have many hobbies, including golfing, fishing, hunting, cooking, entertaining, and traveling.

From the moment we walked into our first We Olive, we knew this would be a great fit for us.  The store and staff was inviting and engaging.  We loved how you were encouraged to try all of the products and the excitement that came from the experience.  We love to cook and trying new recipes.   We both have outgoing personalities and love to make new friends.

Being from Louisiana, we like to offer our customers a little lagniappe.  We want you to get the ultimate olive oil experience along with warm Southern charm!  We hope you leave being educated about the products we offer and a way to stay connected and continue to learn how to use those products to enrich your family’s mealtimes.

Since there aren’t many places that offer what We Olive offers, we are truly excited to offer the cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, and educational events.  We hope this becomes somewhere you will be eager to get on the invite list.  Somewhere you will frequent to try new things.  Somewhere you will look for advice on how to change things up.  Somewhere… you can’t wait to see what’s next!

We have oh so many favorites, from the Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Sonoma Smoked & Jalapeno to the Pineapple, Peach White & Blood Orange Vinegars!  We use our fresh EVOO’s daily in cooking and as a finishing oil for our dishes.  The Sonoma Smoked Gold Medal Winning olive oil adds a smokey flavor to unusual suspects like Tuna Steak Salad or Mac n’ Cheese that make your guests asking for the recipe.  We like to drizzle Jalapeno olive oil on top of simple sides dishes like broccoli, black eyed peas, potatoes, and spinach to add just a touch (or quite a bit) of cajun spice.  Long ago we replaced those preservative filled premixed salad dressings for a much fresher tasting healthy option of Pineapple & Peach White Balsamic Vinegars.  Nothing beats a fresh Mediterranean Tuna Salad on a bed of spinach with basal, lemon juice, and lots of Peach White Balsamic Vinegar… except maybe a Fajita Steak Salad with fresh bell peppers, black beans, avocado, and Pineapple Balsamic Vinegar. And the unforgettable product we get to share with our guests as we love to see that intriguing look in their eyes after tasting brownies made with Blood Orange Olive Oil… DELICIOUS!!!

You see, we have too many favorites.  And they seem to change based on what foods we are exploring at that time.  That is one of the things we love about all of the choices you’ll find at We Olive. There are a lot of great quality products.  Why limit ourselves to just one or two favorites.  Why not have lots of favorites!  Come in, say hi, and find your favorites!


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