5 Tips for Giving Business Gifts

There are many reasons to consider gift-giving as part of your business. You may be part of a large company with multiple service providers that you’d like to recognize. You might be in sales with a roster of customers that you’d like to show appreciation. Or you could be a freelancer with a handful of clients that you’d like to express your gratitude. Many situations call for a little something extra to show your appreciation and nurture important relationships. Check out our best tips for giving business gifts to clients, employees, and service providers and download our gift catalog here.

1. Think of gift-giving as an investment.

A thoughtfully chosen gift to acknowledge an employee can make employees feel more invested in their work and yield greater engagement and productivity. A gift to show gratitude to a client or service provider signals that you appreciate their business or their work and can form long-lasting relationships.

2. Do your research before shopping. Before you begin shopping, it’s important to consider any company guidelines on gifting – is it allowed and are there limits? If you’re gifting to clients internationally, make sure you research what is customary in their home country.

3. Add a personal touch. It helps to know a little about your recipient’s interests and hobbies so you can personalize the gift. It will be more warmly received if the gift is useful to them. With that said, keep it professional. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of the gift, move on to something neutral!

4. Make sure your budget is appropriate for the recipient. If you are selecting a gift for an important client that makes up a significant portion of your sales, it’s appropriate to give a more expensive gift. Likewise, you don’t want to overspend on a small client and make them feel uncomfortable with an exorbitant gift.

5. Consider the occasion. There are all kinds of occasions when giving a business gift is appropriate.

  • After the completion of a project
  • To celebrate a promotion or the acquisition of a new client
  • A wedding, birthday, or birth of a child
  • To show appreciation after someone has gone above the call of duty
  • During the holidays

Now that you have an idea of who, how and when to give a business gift. Check out our favorite business gift ideas here!

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