How to Use Champagne Mimosa Vinegar

We Olive’s Champagne Mimosa Vinegar is a staff favorite! It’s made in San Luis Obispo County, CA and starts with ripe juicy citrus and is a true California Champagne vinegar. This blend has an effervescent, tangy flavor with a touch of citrus.

How to Use Champagne Mimosa Vinegar


The citrus elements in the vinegar make it a natural match for seafood. We love it drizzled on grilled shrimp or fish and it’s also delicious with Jalapeno Olive Oil on fish tacos!


Try marinating chicken in equal parts Champagne Mimosa Vinegar and your favorite olive oil for super flavorful grilled chicken. Our favorite pairing is Fresh Garlic Olive Oil, but you could also pair with our Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil or Blood Orange Olive Oil for a double dose of citrus flavor!


This is THE vinegar to brighten up your fruit salads. Sprinkle a little bit on cut fruit for a simple snack or pair it with Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and chopped fresh mint for an elevated fruit salad.


Add a little bit of this vinegar to sparkling water for a refreshing boost of flavor without the added sugar or stir it into your favorite cocktails. We like to muddle fresh berries with a splash of this vinegar and top with ice and vodka for a skinny cocktail!


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