Father’s Day Gift Guide: Dad-Approved Bestsellers

While we don’t like to typecast, we do have a handful of products that are particularly beloved by the men that visit We Olive. Here is our can’t-miss gift list for Dad!

Sierra Chipotle Garlic or Sierra Red Chili Oil – these multi-taskers work as dipping oils, marinades, salad dressing, or seasoning! The bold flavors and heat will spice up anything Dad loves to eat.

Sonoma Smoked Olive Oil – One of the most popular olive oils among gentleman tasters at our tasting bars. Grill masters and mad kitchen scientists alike love this oil, made from naturally smoked olives. Pair it with We Olive’s Aged Balsamic to create a barbecue flavored vinaigrette or marinade. Also, be sure to check out The Smoked Olive’s Smoked Brown Sugar for a delicious addition to Dad’s pantry.

CC Made Sel Gris Caramel Sauce or Paso Almonds Almond Brittle – For Dad’s with a sweet tooth, these two treats are two of our most popular. The caramel is a perfect combination of sweet and salty and the addictive brittle will become his go-to snack.

Visit your local We Olive to pick up your gift or create a custom gift basket for Dad, or visit our online shop now!

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