Grower Profile: Grove 45

Fresh shipments of extra virgin olive oil and gourmet foods are delivered almost daily to We Olive La Jolla, usually carted in on a hand truck being pulled by our regular delivery guy. So when an olive oil shows up in a Mini Cooper that’s been driven down the California coast by its’ stylish Napa Valley creators, we take notice. We knew that we were getting a handful of cases of Grove 45’s limited production olive oil and we had heard that the women behind the oil, Bonnie Storm and Nena Talcott, would delight both our staff and our customers. What we didn’t know was just how charmed we’d be by these two extraordinary women and their unabashed zest for life. Part of their charm lies in the story of Grove 45’s creation, which you can find below. The other part of their appeal is not unlike their sleek silver bottle of olive oil, which seems a genuine reflection of Nena and Bonnie: glamorous packaging, robust flavors up front, and an intricate finish that reveals something different each time.

The intense green oil, a blend of Tuscan olives (Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino varieties) and the Sicilian varietal Noccelara de Belice, is beautifully complex, with green, grassy notes in harmony with a fruit forward body and bold peppery finish.

How to use Grove 45 olive oil

Bonnie says: “I use olive oil every day. I just had a yummy salad with a yogurt, anchovy, lemon juice, EVOO, Worcestershire, and pecorino dressing. Then I ADD more EVOO! I will have a homemade soup tonight. I ADD EVOO on top. I pretty much use it on anything that goes in my mouth. I even give the sludge to my dogs, just drizzle a little over their kibble.”

Nena says: “I use olive oil like most people use other vegetable oils, I cook with it as well as drizzle it on almost everything. I use olive oil in baking as well, try it in brownies or ginger bread – fantastic!”

We Olive recommends: This robust oil is the perfect way to finish any dish. Drizzle over steamed or roasted vegetables, leafy green salads, and grilled meats and poultry. Garnish soups with a splash of Grove 45 for bright color and rich flavor. Think of it as a peppery condiment that will elevate any of your favorite foods.

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