Links We Love – February 2016

Each month, we come across news, blog posts, and stories that we love from all corners of the internet. Here’s a roundup of our favorites here at We Olive.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is all over the news and continues show promise for preventing a wide variety of health issues. Check out this story at the Olive Oil Times ab0ut how a Mediterranean Diet with extra virgin olive oil can help reduce cognitive decline in older age. EVOO may help prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia and mild cognitive impairment!

We also found this good news for individuals living with Type 2 Diabetes: a low carb, Mediterranean Diet that replaces carbs with olive oil can result in remission of Type 2 Diabetes! Get the full article here.

If you’re looking to adopt the Mediterranean Diet, we liked this slideshow from Pop Sugar that features some delicious Mediterranean Diet inspired salads.

Olive Oil Fraud

After the story on 60 Minutes about Italy’s agromafia, news continues to emerge around the world about fraud, olive oil quality, and consumer protection. We like this story from Eater about what might be in your olive oil bottle. This related story from The Daily Meal explores the different olive oil agencies and their take on what’s happening with the world of EVOO. While each of the key players in these stories have good recommendations about how to make sure you are getting true extra virgin olive oil, remember that at We Olive, you can taste all of our EVOO before you buy in any of our locations!

If you enjoyed the 60 Minutes piece, you’ll probably want to read this article about Operation ‘Mamma Mia’ in which a raid by Italian authorities led to the seizure of more than 2,000 tons of fake olive oil.

Feast Your Eyes On This

This slideshow from the editors of Bon Appetit had us daydreaming about all the beautiful ways to use our Aged Balsamic Vinegar. It’s inspired!

We are digging these pasta salad lunch recipes because no one should have to suffer through a sad desk lunch.




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