Secrets from a Grand Prize Winner

Past contest winner, AJ Dale of Long Beach took the grand prize with her recipe for California Sea Bass with Citrus Jalapeno Herb Vinaigrette. We asked AJ how she formulated her winning strategy:

“From my many visits to the Belmont Shore We Olive store prior to the contest, I learned about the focus on healthy recipes and the many options for using olive oil everyday.  In considering a recipe to submit, it was important to me that it was simple, healthy, tasty and would appeal to many. Also, as someone who once worked in Marketing, I assumed that the We Olive management would want their specific products highlighted and would prefer a good photo that could be used in the promotion.”

When asked if she’d be competing this year and what she’d be cooking up, AJ says:

“After entering last year’s contest, I had such a positive experience and met so many great people that I will definitely participate again
this year! As for hints on what I will submit this year?  Well, I recently learned that there are two rules for success:  1. Never reveal everything you know…”

Scope out the competition and get AJ’s winning recipe here!

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