Our Best Stocking Stuffers

We have a few general rules when selecting stocking stuffers. They can’t be too big or heavy and they should be a bit unexpected. In this age of wish lists, which make gift giving a snap, we lose some of the personal touch that comes with selecting a gift for a loved one. The stocking is the perfect place to put your spin on gifts. Read on for our favorite stocking stuffers this year!

dukkahWe Olive Dukkah – a sprinkling of this Egyptian nut, seed and spice blend packs a flavorful punch, adding texture to soups, salads and dips. Try it as a bread dipper with EVOO or add it to bread crumbs for crunchy coating for fish or poultry. Bonus – the pretty tin looks great on any counter top. $11.95.

Olivina Lotions – this luxurious line of Napa Valley body butters are made with olive oil, grape seed extract and Shea butter making skin silky smooth. Choose from Classic Olive, Lavender, Meyer Lemon or Honeysuckle Rose. $19.95.

Paso Almonds – Almond Brittle – this addictive brittle has the perfect ratio of toffee to almond. If you don’t devour the bag first, it makes a perfect sweet stocking stuffer. $14.50.

Olivina Tin Candles these soy wax candles have a woodsy green scent that’s lovely all year long. Choose from mini travel size or a larger decorative tin. From $5.50.

We Olive Handmade Olive Oil Soap – these handcrafted soaps are made with olive oil, are incredibly moisturizing and come in delicious scents like Orange Cinnamon and Grapefruit Lemongrass. Available in small or large sizes. From $5.50.


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