Pesto 101: How to Make Pesto

Pesto is a simple sauce that can transform dishes of all sorts with its bright herbal flavors. The word pesto comes from the Italian word “pestare” which means to pound or crush. We’ve all had traditional basil pesto but a basic pesto recipe can be transformed with all different varieties of herbs, nuts and olive oils. Read on and we’ll show you how to make pesto both traditionally, like this classic basil pesto recipe and pesto with a twist.

Mint Pistachio Pesto with Robust EVOO
Use mint instead of basil, omit the cheese, replace the pine nuts with pistachios and use a robust extra virgin olive oil.

Sage and Walnut Pesto
Use sage in place of basil, walnuts in place of pine nuts and gruyere instead of Parmesan. Try a rich and buttery EVOO like Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Cilantro and Jalapeno Pesto
Use cilantro instead of basil, We Olive Jalapeno Olive Oil, omit the cheese and use macadamia nuts in place of pine nuts.

Want more ideas for pesto? Check out this list of genius ways to use pesto!

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