Realistic Resolutions

Too many resolutions plus too great a change equals a recipe for failure, and nobody wants to start off the year feeling like a failure. We’ve been thinking about ways to combat the inevitable resolution fail and we believe that small changes are most likely to stick. Here are our realistic resolutions for 2015. Let us know what you think and what your realistic resolutions are!

More veg. Less meat. We’ve decided that putting the focus on veggies will help us accomplish several things. The more veggies we eat, the less empty calories we eat, so we can check the box for better health and potential weight loss. If we eat less meat, we can afford to put our dollars towards the best quality, humanely raised meat. So we can check the environmentally, sustainably conscious box! And veggies are delicious, so there’s that. For delicious veggie recipes using EVOO, click here.

Get moving. While we may never be CrossFit champions, we feel better (and look better) when we’re active. We’re planning to walk more, take the stairs and take advantage of the hiking trails, bike lanes and water where we live. Even if we can’t be a gym rat, we will be finding ways to get moving every day.

Spend quality time with family. We often feel over-scheduled and always on-the-clock, which means our off time isn’t always quality time. Our big small change this year? Turning off the phones, tablets and TV and sticking to a nightly family dinner. Designating a time to disconnect and reconnect is tops on our list.

Get organized. We may never get rid of our junk drawer (or junk room) and we may always have a load of laundry waiting to be folded but you know what? That’s okay. We are starting with small changes to keep our home neater, cleaner and more inviting. We will be adding one daily habit each month this year to keep our space spiffy. Make the bed. Put the pile of mail and keys and other stuff away each day before it becomes a pile.

Treat yourself.  Treating yourself may not be a classic new year’s resolution, but we are planning to do just that. Whether it’s taking time to relax and read a book or adding an artisan olive oil to our pantry, we deserve a treat every now and then. When we take care of us, we’re happier, more productive…it’s basic math, really.

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