This Discover Cooking with California Olive Oil Recipe Contest submission comes from Candice Scheiner, a We Olive La Jolla customer.

Serves 6


5 large garlic cloves
2 Tbsp We Olive Fresh Garlic Olive Oil
2 large leeks
2 large onions
3 lbs roma tomatoes, skins and seeds removed.
1/4 tsp of sugar
1 cup dry white wine
6 cups of fish stock or clam juice
1 large strip of orange zest
bouquet garni (bay leaf, 8 sprigs of parsley, 1/2 tsp fennel seed)
2 tsp of dried basil
2 tsp of dried thyme
1 lb of scrod
1 lb of red snapper
24 little neck clams
2 lobster tails cut into pieces
1/2 lb of scallops
1/2 lb of shrimp
24 mussels

Sauce Rouille
2 slices of bread with crust removed
6 garlic gloves
1-8 oz jar of pimientos undrained
1/2 cup of We Olive Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil
1 tsp dried basil
4 tbsp of parsley leaves

In food processor with steel blade, mince the garlic and onion. Add to stock pot over medium heat. Add the white part of the leek (sliced) and cook until softened about 10 minutes. Coarsely chop the tomatoes and add with sugar to stock pot. Simmer 5 minutes. Add next 6 ingredients. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove bouquet garni. Drain into strainer. Add solids from strainer to the food processor about 1/3 at a time. Add a little of the bouillabaisse to the solids in the processor, when well processed add back to pot. This base can be kept for up to three days refrigerated. Add all fish and shell fish to base prior to serving. Cook approximately 7 minutes or until clams and mussels are open and fish and lobster are cooked. Ladle into bowls. Make sure everyone gets a piece of that lobster!

Sauce Rouille
In food processor with steel blade, mince garlic. Soak bread in Bouillabaisse and add to processor. Add rest of ingredients to processor. Serve in separate bowl and allow each person to add however much seasoning they prefer.


4 Responses to “Bouillabaisse”

  1. anne nancy fialkowski

    This recipe with picture makes me salivate just looking at them. The ability to make the base ahead of time makes for faster preparation when you want to enjoy your guests and just let them watch the inclusion of the great pieces of seafood added to the pot. Good luck Candace. You deserve the prize for this use of the olive oil in both the main pot and the sauce.

  2. Ed Fialkowski

    Looks great!
    Clasic build of flavors!
    Sauce – – The Sauce – – Finishing Clasic Touch!!!!!!!
    Ed F.

  3. Vivian Salinas

    This soup is absolutely Wonderful

  4. Nathalie Hade

    This is a fabulous meal.


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