We Olive Teriyaki Marinade


Our Jalapeno Olive Oil with our Pineapple White Balsamic Vinegar is a staff favorite pairing at We Olive. It makes a beautiful vinaigrette for tropical summer salads like this recipe for Pineapple, Avocado and Buckwheat Noodle Salad. Mixing the Pineapple Balsamic, Jalapeno Olive Oil and Soy Sauce together creates a sweet and spicy teriyaki-like marinade that we love on grilled meats like this recipe for Jalapeno Pineapple Korean Short Ribs.

We Olive Teriyaki Marinade:
1/2 cup We Olive Pineapple White Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 cup We Olive Jalapeno Olive Oil
1/2 cup soy sauce

Mix all ingredients until well combined. Store in a covered container or resealable bag in the fridge for up to one week.

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  1. Susan Garrett

    Sounds delightful!


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