Fresh, Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the new harvest are in!

Fresh, extra virgin olive oils from the 2018 harvest are beginning to arrive in stores and this year’s olive oils are spectacular! At We Olive, we work directly with growers and producers to bring the best certified extra virgin olive oil to you year after year.

This growing season brought some challenges for our producers, as is the nature of farming. Unusually hot weather in February triggered many trees to begin budding.  Some trees even began to flower! Then, in March, a freeze put a stop to the budding activity of many of the trees, resulting in no flowers that would normally turn into olives. Climate change is certainly a factor here and our food supplies are the first to reflect those changes. Add to the fact that olive trees are alternate bearing and that the 2017 harvest was considered a bumper crop, and you can see how the industry was now poised for a low yield year, leaving many farmers at a loss and California olive oil production down nearly 50%.

As with every year, we are in constant contact with our growers during all phases of the growing season.  We are also always looking out for new growers to add to our network of outstanding producers. This year was, perhaps, a bit more intense, as we worked diligently to divert any impact the harvest conditions would have and ensure a supply of great tasting olive oil for our stores and our customers.

It is in the years that Mother Nature challenges us, that we are acutely aware of the uncertainty of farming and the obstacles our growers face. It’s also when we are most proud to be a part of an industry that works tirelessly to produce the best quality product even in the face of these challenges. We can’t wait for you to taste what 2018 has to offer. Learn more about our EVOO in our online shop or visit a location near you.

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