We Olive the Earth – Small Steps That Make a Big Impact

We All Love The Earth

Small Steps That Make a Big Impact

This Earth Day we are celebrating the small things we can do as individuals that add up to a big impact on the environment. For many of you, that means reusing and refilling your olive oil and vinegar bottles. To encourage the REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE mindset, we’re offering 22% off refills at all We Olive locations on Earth Day, which you can get details on below. But there are lots of ways that we can each make an impact in our homes and communities. With that in mind, we’d like to put the spotlight on two We Olive corporate team members who have taken environmental protection into their own hands, or grabbers that is!

Charley & Natalie work at our corporate office in San Diego and when they aren’t thinking up new staff training programs or troubleshooting point-of-sale systems, they’re cleaning up their community and inspiring others to follow suit.

Noticing that their beloved beach town, popular with both locals and tourists, was plagued by litter, they decided to take action. They turned their weekend strolls around Pacific Beach into a mission, armed with buckets and litter grabbers, putting in the elbow grease to keep their neighborhood and beaches free from trash.

Their little effort turned into a movement called Don’t Trash PB. They invited others to join the cause by providing free buckets and grabbers to anyone willing to lend a hand. Check out their Instagram to see how they recruit new members and document their efforts. Be prepared to get inspired to make a difference in your community!

Don’t Just Recycle, Reuse!  22% Off Refills on Earth Day!

Our annual Earth Day Sale is tomorrow! On Monday, April 22nd, bring your reusable, refillable bottles in and save 22% on refills of bulk olive oil and vinegar. Offer valid on refills, in-store only. Offer not valid on new bottle purchases.

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