We Wrote the Book on Authentic Olive Oil. (And It’s FREE!)

It’s an e-book, actually. A handy reference for consumers titled Guide to Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

If you’ve ever visited any of our retail locations, you know all of us here at We Olive love to talk about olive oil – its health benefits, the nuances of taste differentiating the various varieties, the possibilities

for food pairings, not to mention the certification process each of our olive oils goes through to earn the right to be labelled honest-to-goodness extra virgin olive oil.

But in conversations with consumers – both in and out of our stores – staff members couldn’t help but notice how more and more people were bringing up the recent 60 Minutes segment they’d seen about organized crime and extra virgin olive oil. Seems the Mafia has discovered there’s money to be made by counterfeiting EVOO. And they’ve been busy. So much so, studies have shown that 70% of bottles in supermarkets today called “extra virgin olive oil” aren’t EVOO at all, but actually a blend of lesser oils.

And now many American consumers are wondering, “How can I be sure my extra virgin olive oil is real?”


An e-book with the answer

So we created this e-book to help address the question of olive oil quality – especially for folks who haven’t as yet had the opportunity to stop by We Olive to experience firsthand what a certifiably authentic EVOO tastes, smells, and looks like. The wonderful sensory experience that’s an important feature – though by no means the only one – characterizing authentic extra virgin olive oil.

“You gotta have good olive oil.” – Chef Emeril Lagasse

Referencing objective research and laboratory tests, the Guide to Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil looks at the problem of olive oil fraud in America today and offers practical solutions for consumers that lead to peace of mind when it comes to purchasing extra virgin olive oil.

And here’s an additional plus: The e-book is available as a free download. Just click here.

Your salads will thank you.



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