What makes a winning recipe?

Our annual recipe contest is back and with it comes the chance to win big. We’re giving away a Central Coast food and wine getaway to the creator of the best recipe featuring We Olive olive oil. A winner will be chosen from each We Olive location and from our online community as well. These lucky winners will get some cash to spend at We Olive along with some other cool swag. So what makes a winning recipe? While there is no guaranteed formula for creating a winner, there are a few things you can do to boost your chances of taking home a prize. Get our tips on what makes a winning recipe here.

1. Judges love originality. Remember, we’ll be looking at hundreds of recipes so yours needs to stand out. The best way to do that is to create the unexpected. Take the traditional and add a twist. We’ve all seen a Caprese salad before, but swapping grilled peaches for tomatoes and a fresh herb pesto in lieu of basil will be sure to get a second look. And don’t be afraid to try unique flavor combinations – a few years ago pairing savory ingredients with sweet was unheard of, but it’s common now to see chocolate paired with bacon or find rosemary in your cupcake, so be daring! Chances are, if we’ve thought of it or made it before, it won’t be a prize winner.
2. Cooking is a unique combination of science and art. Don’t discount either component! Make sure your measurements are accurate and test your techniques thoroughly. You don’t want a star dish to be derailed by a miscalculation. And a precise recipe should, of course, taste great, but also be artfully presented. Remember, we eat with our eyes first!

3. Eating with our eyes means we need to see your dish. If you don’t send a photo, we’ll be left to our own imagination and most likely your vision isn’t what will end up in our heads. Treat your dish like a star and take lots of photos. Try plating it different ways and on different dishes or platters. Make sure it looks clean and colorful, and most importantly, that it entices the viewer to eat it. Your photo should inspire us to make the recipe! Get some tips on how to photograph your food here.

Good luck! Read up on the rules and enter the contest here.

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