Leaders in a Growing Olive Oil Industry

In recent years, Americans have discovered all the amazing qualities of olive oil, and our consumption of this delicious & healthy oil has exploded! With this exponential increase in America’s appetite for olive oil, you’d think that locally made products would be in high demand; unfortunately, this is not exactly the case…

Did you know that California produces 99% of the olive oil produced in the United States, but accounts for only 2% of the olive oil actually consumed here? This startling statistic is one of the reasons We Olive has made such an effort to increase awareness of the delicious, healthful benefits of California-made olive oil in the U.S. Luckily,  we are now seeing a national trend that has consumers leaning toward locally sourced, artisan products over their imported counterparts. As a strong advocate of California growers for the past decade, and thanks to this blossoming artisan trend, this puts We Olive in a wonderful position as a leader in this emerging growth industry.

Thanks to a greater awareness of the health benefits of olive oil, the olive oil industry is one of the fastest growing in America at this time. In fact, the olive oil industry has been compared to the wine industry in recent years. If you remember, the California wine industry was just gaining popularity a few years back and now they are a force to be reckoned with! Experts are saying the California olive oil industry is on the same path, which bodes extremely well for the We Olive brand and local growers.