Wine & Olive Oil – A Natural Pairing

Did you know that the consumption of olive oil and wine can be traced back to the B.C. era? There are many stories, and thus romantic associations, connecting these products to ancient cultures all over the world. Now, the olive oil and wine industries are some of the fastest growing in America! With such a rich history, we can expect the growth of these industries to continue well into the future; these are no fad products that will fade in a couple of year, they are a natural pairing that will stand the test of time!

It is this rich history that the We Olive & Wine Bar is striving to perpetuate. This centuries old pairing is brought back to life through the successful integration of “The Olive Oil Experience,” a retail gourmet food tasting, and an educational, tasting-oriented wine bar. Wrap all of these things together, pair it with a casually elegant atmosphere, and you have a unique culinary experience that friends, family, and neighbors can enjoy together.