How to Use Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar

What is an elderberry?

Before we get into how to use Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar, let’s talk about elderberries! Elderberries have deep traditions in native cultures as a remedy for colds, flus and stomach aches. Modern studies indicate that the juice from these berries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins C, A, B6, iron and beta carotene and may be effective at
boosting our immune systems. When ripe, these currant-sized berries turn a beautiful shade of black, blue or purple. They’re not overly sweet, but they have a super bright flavor and the perfect earthy and tart balance.

How does it taste?

We Olive’s Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar is a balsamic-based vinegar made with elderberry syrup. The syrup is made from sustainably-grown elderberries harvested in Monterey County, CA and produced in small batches in San Luis Obispo County, CA. The vinegar is sweet and tart with an earthy depth of flavor.

How to use Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar

Vinaigrettes and Salads – This vinegar is delicious in a vinaigrette and pairs well with any olive oil in the We Olive lineup. Try it with an EVOO like our Arbequina Blend and make this Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette for your next green salad. Or pair it with one of our flavored olive oils like Blood Orange, Organic Meyer Lemon, Basil or Jalapeno for a bold combination that works beautifully on fruit and vegetable salads.

Marinades – This tart, earthy vinegar is delicious in marinades for beef, chicken or game. Pair it with Fresh Garlic Olive Oil and your favorite herbs for great grilling flavor.

Grain Bowls – Try drizzling it on grain-based salads or bowls. We like using farro, bulgur or barley as a base for grilled or roasted veggies, chopped fresh herbs and some crumbled cheese like feta or goat cheese. The Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar adds earthy acidity to a hearty salad!

Beverages – Elderberry Balsamic makes a great addition to sparkling water and can also be used to create delicious cocktails. Swap out the Blackberry Balsamic for Elderberry in this Spritzer or make an Elderberry Old Fashioned using this recipe we created with our Fig Balsamic Vinegar swapping figs for your favorite fresh berry.

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