California Rose, Sparkling & Dessert wines


 The crisp, red fruit flavors of rose are especially refreshing on hot summer days. Styles can range from bracingly dry to creamy with a hint of sweetness. Roses, with their refreshing crispness and complexity are often a lovely match for food.

Try California rosé with everything from spicy sauces to crisp, light salads, even scrambled eggs.


Most sparkling wines are made in the classic méthode champenoise style from  Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes and are perfect for both special occasion and weeknight dinner alike.

Try California sparkling wine with everything from popcorn to triple crème cheeses.

Dessert Wine

California produces an array of dessert wines ranging from port styles to late harvest wines made from varietals like Riesling, Semillon and Zinfandel. Typically heavier in body with concentrated sweetness, these wines are a perfect way to end a meal.

Try red dessert wines with nuts and chocolaty desserts. White dessert wines match nicely with fruity or creamy desserts.