California Whites


the most planted grape in California and the world’s most important white varietal is responsible for producing the most revered white Burgundies, top notch Champagne and sparkling wines, as well as  classic California richness. This grape can range, when unoaked, from tart and minerally, to rich and buttery when aged in oak.

Try Chardonnay with white fish, shellfish and chicken, as well as pastas with creamy, buttery sauces.

Chenin Blanc

this French varietal has thin skin, a good acidity level, and a high natural sugar content making it versatile enough to produce dry wines with a crisp backbone, off-dry and dessert wines rich with melon, peach and citrus, as well as refreshing sparklers.

Try Chenin Blanc with seared scallops, coconut curries, and artichokes.


literally translates to “spice grape”, this Alsatian varietal produces gorgeous, aromatic wines that hint of spice and floral notes with a lush mouthfeel.

Try Gewürtztraminer with spicy stir-fries, smoked seafood, and salads.

Grenache Blanc

Rich, full-bodied, and crisp, Grenache Blanc is known for flavors and aromas of citrus, peach and apple. It’s a popular grape along the central coast.

Try Grenache Blanc with crab, squid, or clams with garlic butter as well as grilled snapper with lemon zest.


a delicious white Rhone varietal that is full-bodied and intensely aromatic. The honeysuckle aroma leads to a characteristic rich, tropical fruit flavor.

Try Marsanne with creamy vegetable soups, roasted squash, and hearty salads.

Pinot Blanc

refreshing with crisp acidity, Pinot Blanc often has flavors of green apple, citrus, and minerals. Its acidity and balance make it a lovely wine to pair with food.

Try Pinot Blanc with pan-fried fresh trout, seared tuna, and sushi.

Pinot Gris

also known as Pinot Grigio, can produce wines ranging from light and citrusy to rich and succulent with stone fruit and spice.

Try Pinot Gris with pasta with a fresh tomato sauce, as well as citrusy chicken and seafood dishes.


this classic German varietal is known for its zesty, citrusy notes, with green apple and great minerally complexity. It can produce a range of styles from bracingly dry to rich and sweet. When grown in certain soils, and after aging, Rieslings can develop a gasoline aroma, which is surprisingly complex and appealing.

Try Riesling with Thai or Indian food, fried chicken, and summer salads.


the most delicate white of the Rhone varietals, this grape produces crisp whites with fresh -herbal notes and white-fruit flavors.

Try Rousanne with Indian and North African flavors along with delicate white fish.

Sauvignon Blanc

crisp and refreshing, with flavors that range from grass to grapefruit to green apple and melon.

Try Sauvignon Blanc with salads, grilled fish, or asparagus.


a versatile grape that is often blended with Sauvignon Blanc, can produce dry wines that are citrusy and refreshing and dessert wines that are rich and sweet.

Try dry Semillon with fresh halibut or shellfish. Pair sweet Semillon with peach cobbler or pears sautéed in butter.


the richest of the white Rhone varietals, is known for its floral nose, lush, full-body, and complex favors. Tropical fruits, and stone fruits like apricot and peach combined with orange blossom and honeysuckle give Viognier its classic characteristics.

Try Viognier with smoked oysters or mussels, or herb-roasted free-range chicken, goose or duck.

White Blends

California’s white blends can range from classic Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon to a wild assortment of Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. These blends are designed to please the palate and pair with many types of cuisine.

Try a California white blend with fresh seafood, cold roast chicken, creamy polenta, or a range of cheeses—from ricotta to triple crème, from goat cheese to dry Jack.