Olio nuovo has arrived!

What is olio nuovo?

Olio nuovo, or “new oil”, is the first extra virgin olive oil off the press each season. Ordinarily, olive oil is stored for a couple of months before bottling to let the sediment fall to the bottom and to allow the flavors to mellow. Olio nuovo is picked, pressed and bottled right away to create a brilliant green oil with bold, fresh flavors. This new oil is the harbinger of harvest season in Italy and is celebrated and used lavishly during this time of year.

How should I use it?

Olio nuovo is different from other extra virgin olive oils because of the way it’s made. It typically has stronger flavors and extra pungency because it is the very freshest olive oil you can find. One of our favorite ways to savor this once-a-year treat is to do as the Italians do! Grill thick slices of bread until crisp and toasty, pour your fresh olio nuovo all over the bread then add a few pinches of coarse sea salt. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy! It’s also delicious mixed with a good quality aged balsamic vinegar over salads, it’s perfect for spicing up roasted veggies and it’s a fantastic finishing oil for soups, pastas and more.   For more recipes & tips for using olio nuovo visit our recipe page here.

How should I store my olio nuovo?

Olio nuovo is the freshest olive oil available and is not meant to be kept long. It’s made to be enjoyed as a seasonal treat, much like Beaujolais Nouveau wine of France. It is more perishable than other extra virgin olive oils which have been allowed to settle before bottling. Olio nuovo typically has a shelf life of 3 – 6 months where other extra virgin olive oil can keep for about 18 months if stored properly.  Store any extra virgin olive oil in a cool, dark cabinet away from heat and light, preferably in a dark colored bottle.

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