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Mimosa Recipe

If you’ve visited one of our Wine Bars, you’ve probably tried our popular Peach Basil Mimosa made with Peach White Balsamic Vinegar and Fresh Basil Olive Oil.. It’s one of our most popular weekend sippers!  Here’s the recipe you can make at home or it’s perfect for a gathering like a bridal shower or birthday! Serves 1… read more

Because one size does NOT fit all….

Did you know our mimosa now comes in two different sizes? Now you can enjoy a single glass with a split bottle or grab a big bottle for the tougher days! Schedule your orders now by calling in or going online! Curbside pickup or delivery only… Call 318-210-0477 or go online to www.weolive.com/shreveport/togo… read more

Mimosas to go!

WE OLIVE MIMOSAS TO GO!!! You can now enjoy our signature peach-basil mimosa to go for just $6.00 with any food purchase! Add a glass to your cheese and charcuterie or one of our delicious salads as a treat on this gorgeous day… Call 318-210-0477 for pickup or delivery, or order online at www.weolive.com/shreveport/togo… read more