How to Select the Right Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pairing olive oil with food is a bit like pairing wine with food.  Once educated on the subject, selecting the right olive oil for your culinary adventure is easy and fun!

Here at We Olive, we like to tell our guests that choosing the right olive oil requires just three steps.

  1. Know what you plan on using your olive oil for; i.e. salad, pasta, an herb dip, baking…
  2. Have a basic understanding of the different styles of extra virgin olive oil and their respective culinary application.  In general, delicate oils will enhance and complement subtle flavors, whereas robust oils enrich bold or heartier dishes.
  3. Shop at a respected gourmet foods store that allows you to taste the oil before buying.  Identify the style of olive oil that works with culinary application at hand, then taste a few oils to experience their distinct flavor attributes.  Be creative – consider how the oil’s unique flavor profile will complement, not overwhelm, your dish.  The right pairing will transform tonight’s dinner from ordinary to extraordinary. 

    Buying your EEVO from We Olive isn’t just healthy and delicious, it also:
    •    Supports regional artisan growers and your local economy
    •    Is better for the environment (Less transportation and imports = smaller carbon footprint)
    •    Ensures that you get the highest-quality EEVO, which is generally healthier and better-tasting

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