There are hundreds of varieties of olive trees. Different trees yield olives that vary in size, chemical characteristics, oil content, ripening time, taste, and many other factors.

Here you’ll find just a small list of common olive varietals:

Arbequina (oil) – this oil provides an intense fruitiness, low levels of bitterness & spiciness, and is both delicate and fragrant.

Arbosana  – with high levels of bitterness, spiciness, and astringency, this oil has strong character.

Ascolano  – this oil can be pungent, but is primarily soft & fruity.

Barouni  – peppery & spicy, this oil offers a slightly smoky and nutty flavor.

Frantoio  – this oil is fruity, aromatic, and quite fragrant. While it has a slightly sweet taste, it finishes with a bitter and spicy flavor.

Koroneiki  – a sweet & fruity oil with hints of grassiness and a slightly peppery taste.

Leccino  – this oil is slightly sweet, yet robust and spicy.

Manzanillo  – choose this oil when you desire a grassy and peppery flavor.

Mission  – this oil is a wonderful substitute for butter. If offers a slightly sweet, rich, full-bodied flavor.

Sevillano  – with a distinct, grassy, peppery, herb- infused flavor, this oil is a winner.

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