Join the California olive oil club for exclusive benefits

For gourmet cooks and food enthusiasts, there is no better gift than having exclusive, high-quality ingredients to cook with. We Olive promotes an Olive Oil Club for special members. When you sign up, you will receive two bottles of certified California olive oil every quarter. These top oils are not found in supermarkets or stores, and come from artisan growers and bottlers. The best quality oil comes right to your door, four times a year! Members also have access to other benefits, such as a welcome gift and information about the oil and its grower. Included in each shipment are recipes, taste test notes, and a newsletter, so you never miss out on any information regarding this important ingredient. If you need more oil before the next shipment, you also get 10% off online orders and 20% off additional items shipped with your quarterly package. For the connoisseur  of food, this club membership also makes a great gift!

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    have to go to WeOlive right away


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