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Importance of certified extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is an extremely beneficial gift from nature, but only certified extra virgin olive oil has all the benefits. When purchasing olive oil, always look for the best and highest quality. We Olive has a large selection of the best crafted oils, to make sure you get both the culinary and health benefits available.… read more

Different olive oil gift basket choices

We Olive is a connoisseur of high-quality olive oil products, and proudly provides unique items to customers. From a monthly club sending a different selection every month to olive oil gift basket options, they have a huge variety. Accompanying their selection is a vast store of knowledge, so you can choose the best oil for… read more

California olive oil is naturally healthy

California olive oil has a lot of health benefits, both inside and out. It helps with heart health and improves skin and hair conditions. We Olive carries an extensive collection of fine olive oils and pairs them with great recipes online or in store.… read more

Pairing foods with aged balsamic vinegar

There are recipes that call for a specific type of oil or vinegar, and others that rely on general products. For any recipe calling for aged balsamic vinegar, using the best of ingredients can vastly improve the quality of the overall meal. We Olive has tips for the best recipes as well as the highest… read more

Look only for certified extra virgin olive oil

There are a lot of products out on supermarket shelves that claim to be the best olive oil available, that come from sources other than We Olive. However, only certified extra virgin olive oil has the health benefits that top quality oil provides. Beware of products labeled “low fat” or “light” oil, as the valuable… read more

Send an olive oil gift basket today

An olive oil gift basket would make a great gift for any cook or enthusiast. We Olive provides exquisite baskets of their finest oil collected in a gift basket. The presentation of fine oils is sure to be cherished and remembered for years to come.… read more

Secrets of California olive oil

There are many benefits to using California olive oil, both in cooking and as a beauty aid. It can be added to recipes as a base, topping, or to keep pasta from sticking. We Olive also enumerates many health benefits as well, for everything from hair and skin to heart health too.… read more