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Pairing foods with aged balsamic vinegar

There are recipes that call for a specific type of oil or vinegar, and others that rely on general products. For any recipe calling for aged balsamic vinegar, using the best of ingredients can vastly improve the quality of the overall meal. We Olive has tips for the best recipes as well as the highest… read more

Aged balsamic vinegar used in interesting ways

When most people think of vinegar, they wrinkle their noses with the acidly remembered smell. With good reason, since vinegar is used to preserve food items and as a cleaning solution. It is not something people would think of to use as a topping or dressing on their common recipes. Aged balsamic vinegar, however, is… read more

Use aged balsamic vinegar in cooking

Aged balsamic vinegar is often overlooked in the cooking world, but it can add a unique flavor to a lot of dishes. It can be used in a marinade or baste for meat, or tossed with salad. For example, when cooking chicken in a skillet, you can add balsamic vinegar as part of the sauce… read more

Use aged balsamic vinegar in your favorite recipes

Olive oil is not the only thing that can be made from the juice collected from fruits. Fermented wine grapes that are aged for several years in barrels is turned into balsamic vinegar. Aged balsamic vinegar makes a great topping to salads and vegetables, but can be used in many other dishes a well. It… read more

Aged balsamic vinegar

Aged balsamic vinegar dates back thousands of years, and the first documented use of balsamic vinegar was in the Middle Ages. It has long been used as a condiment for food, and a salad dressing in more modern times. It is not a vinegar in the traditional sense of the word, but comes from a… read more