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California olive oil is naturally healthy

California olive oil has a lot of health benefits, both inside and out. It helps with heart health and improves skin and hair conditions. We Olive carries an extensive collection of fine olive oils and pairs them with great recipes online or in store.… read more

Secrets of California olive oil

There are many benefits to using California olive oil, both in cooking and as a beauty aid. It can be added to recipes as a base, topping, or to keep pasta from sticking. We Olive also enumerates many health benefits as well, for everything from hair and skin to heart health too.… read more

Join the California olive oil club for exclusive benefits

For gourmet cooks and food enthusiasts, there is no better gift than having exclusive, high-quality ingredients to cook with. We Olive promotes an Olive Oil Club for special members. When you sign up, you will receive two bottles of certified California olive oil every quarter. These top oils are not found in supermarkets or stores,… read more

California olive oil has plethora of uses

The health benefits of California olive oil are almost endless. Olive oil contains numerous vitamins and minerals to help improve your quality of life both inside and out. It can be used to repair and moisturize damaged skin, and revive skin’s natural elasticity. Olive oil also makes a natural and gentle make-up remover. Adding sea… read more

California olive oil provides numerous health benefits

Olive oil has been used as a flavorful ingredient in food for thousands of years, and has numerous health benefits. From cultivation in groves of olive trees in the sweet climate and warm hills of California to the age-perfected pressing techniques, and worldwide distribution, olive oil is worth its weight in gold. When consumed regularly,… read more