DIY: Flavored Olive Oil “Butters”

We all love olive oil here right? But we will admit that butter, while not being the healthiest choice, has some pretty appealing things going on. Primarily it’s that creamy, spreadable richness that speaks to us. We’ve been seeing some really delicious recipes around for herb butters, flavored butters and butter sauces that are perfect for grilling season. Challenge accepted! We decided to create some flavored olive oil “butters” that swap out the saturated fat for heart healthy fat and still deliver rich, creamy taste! Get the recipes (and impress your friends) here.

Here’s the idea. Take a half cup of your favorite olive oil (we like using We Olive flavored olive oils) and add your flavoring elements and seasoning and then freeze or refrigerate until solid. In about an hour, you’ll have a creamy, flavorful spread that you can use on bread, grilled meat, seafood and poultry, corn on the cob…anything you can imagine! Following are our favorite flavor combinations:

Balsamic Orange Rosemary Spread

Meyer Lemon Herb Spread

Spicy Thai Curry Spread

Chili Lime Spread

Garlic Herb Spread

Tomato Basil Spread


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