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We ‘Olive’ Flash Sales – December 4-5, 2023

We Olive Gourmet Olives are Sicilian style olives cured in brine only without the use of lye or sugar for 9 months. Our gourmet olives are all pitted and hand stuffed. Choose from a variety of gourmet olive flavors With every purchase of two jars of olives, receive a complimentary oilve pick to add to your gift!… read more

What shade of Rosé are you?

The crisp palate pleasing pinks called rosé wine comes in all shades.  Why are some pinks more intense, vibrant, darker, lighter, or just different hues?  What makes the shade appear so different and does it matter?  Those are common questions about rosé wine.  We’ll try to make it simple and helpful… To make rosé wine,… read more

How to Use Tapenade

We are huge fans of tapenade, the robustly flavored olive condiment born in Southern France. So much so that we created three different tapenades each with a unique flavor profile. Tapenade is not just a dip or a spread, it is incredibly versatile as a flavoring ingredient, you’ll want to keep a jar of it in your… read more