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Tis the season for backyard BBQ’s, pool parties and cooking over an open flame! We’ve put together our favorite tips, tricks and recipes for summer grilling. Check out our guide to the grill here.


Teriyaki Marinade

Our Jalapeno Olive Oil with our Pineapple White Balsamic Vinegar is a staff favorite pairing at We Olive and it’s fantastic on chicken! It also makes a beautiful vinaigrette for tropical summer salads like this recipe for Pineapple, Avocado and Buckwheat Noodle Salad. Mixing the Pineapple Balsamic, Jalapeno Olive Oil and Soy Sauce together creates a sweet and spicy teriyaki-like marinade that we love on grilled meats like this recipe for Jalapeno Pineapple Korean Short Ribs.


Lemon Herb Marinade

This lemon herb marinade is our go-to for summer grilling. It’s the perfect seafood marinade but it also works beautifully on chicken and vegetables. We used fresh oregano and parsley in this version, but you can swap out any fresh herbs you have on hand. If you don’t have Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, use regular extra virgin olive oil and the zest of a couple of lemons instead.


Blackberry Basil Marinade

The combination of our Fresh Basil Olive Oil and our Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar is somehow reminiscent of perfectly ripe tomatoes. Drench all of your favorite summer veggies in this before they go on the grill. Our favorites are zucchini, summer squash, eggplant, peppers and mushrooms!


Smoky Citrus Marinade

The flavors in this marinade are bold and make for a delicious Spanish-inspired meal from the grill. We Olive’s fruity and aromatic Blood Orange Olive Oil is paired with oregano, garlic and smoked paprika and works equally well on both meats and vegetables. Try it with this recipe for Spanish Blood Orange Pork Kebabs.


Balsamic Marinade

This simple marinade is delicious on flank or skirt steak but really works for anything you plan to grill: pork, chicken, even veggies will benefit from a soak in this sauce!


Balsamic Glaze

We Olive balsamic vinegars are tangy and sweet making them a great finishing sauce for anything off the grill. It’s a great technique for grilling fruit that you want to serve in both sweet and savory applications! The key to glazing with a We Olive balsamic is all about timing. Brush on the balsamic in the last 5 – 10 minutes of cooking so that the natural sugars in the vinegar don’t begin to burn before your meat is cooked. The balsamic vinegar glaze will add a deeply flavorful finish to anything you grill.

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Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th and we have great gifts for the great dads in your life! Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide and then visit our online shop or one of our locations to shop for Dad!

Custom Etched Bottles

Surprise dad with this unique etched bottle this Father’s Day! Each bottle is etched and hand-painted by skilled artisans. This commemorative bottle can be enjoyed for many years to come. Choose your favorite olive oil or vinegar. The bottle can be refilled in any of our We Olive locations (price per ounce may vary per location). Be sure to bring your bottle back clean and dry. Hand-wash only. Please allow 7-10 days for processing, plus 2-7 days for shipping from California.

$54.00 – $70.00

We Olive Jalapeno Olive Oil

Feel the delicious burn with our Jalapeno Flavored Olive Oil.  Fresh jalapenos are crushed with the olives to create this naturally flavored olive oil. This wonderfully vibrant olive oil has a nice heat without being over-powering. Try our Jalapeno Flavored Olive Oil with We Olive Pineapple White Balsamic Vinegar for a sweet heat dressing for salad or slaws.  Or, slather pork chops with Jalapeno Olive Oil and We Olive Peach White Balsamic vinegar for a sticky, sweet, & spicy supper.

$23.00 – $39.00

We Olive Salts & Seasonings

Bring your meals to life with We Olive’s delicious seasonings and salts! A great addition to your favorite chef’s kitchen! Flavors include: Sriracha Hot Chili Seasoning, Ghost Pepper Sea Salt, Garlic Salt with Parsley, Chili Barbecue Spice Rub and All Purpose Seasoning Salt.

$8.95 each

Anything with Truffles!

Check out our collection of decadent and delicious truffle products. You’ll find truffle oils, salts, seasonings, pasta and a mind-blowing truffle hot sauce!

$10.95 – $29.95

We Olive Triple Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

Milk, semi-sweet and dark chocolate are combined with rich, tangy balsamic vinegar to create this deliciously unique, all natural, Triple Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar. Try it on your favorite dessert or grilled fruit. Be extra creative by adding a drizzle to your favorite cheeses, on salads and in pork and chicken dishes.


We Olive Essentials Gift Box

A little collection of what we consider to be the We Olive essentials. Your pantry should never be without these popular items! Includes: We Olive Aged Balsamic Vinegar, We Olive Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spicy Green Olive Tapenade, Black Olive Tapenade and Dipping Dish packed neatly in a gift box.


We Olive Gourmet Pantry Gift Box

This extravagant gift box is the perfect gift for any serious foodie!  A delectable assortment of essential We Olive products to explore your every culinary whim.  This gift comes complete with olive wood serving pieces and “The Passionate Olive” by Carol Firenze, where you’ll learn 101 things you can do with olive oil!  Arrives attractively gift boxed. Includes: We Olive Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, We Olive Aged Balsamic Vinegar, We Olive Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil & Pasta Toss, We Olive All Purpose Seasoning Salt, The Passionate Olive Book, We Olive Parmesan Asiago Dip, We Olive Black Olive Tapenade, We Olive Wasabi Sake Mustard, We Olive Gourmet Green Olives, An Olive Pick, (2) Olive wood dipping bowls, An olive wood serving board.


Are you planning a wedding or special event? We Olive has fantastic options for unique wedding favors and gifts for your special day.

Custom Label Bottles

Our Custom Label Bottle program allows you to choose your favorite olive oil or vinegar in a variety of bottle sizes and add a personalized label for your special day! Choose from our collection of wedding labels or upload your own design!

Get details here.

Etched Bottles

Our etched bottles make great gifts for members of your wedding party, VIP guests or for table decor! Each bottle is etched and hand-painted by skilled artisans and can be personalized with custom text. There are several designs to choose from for your special day as well as holidays!

This commemorative bottle can be enjoyed for many years to come. Choose your favorite olive oil or vinegar. The bottle can be refilled in any of our We Olive locations (price per ounce may vary per location). Be sure to bring your bottle back clean and dry. Hand-wash only.

Shop Etched Bottles here.


Etched wine bottles are currently available at We Olive & Wine Bar La Jolla and We Olive & Wine Bar Los Gatos.





We are never short on recipe inspiration when it comes to olive oil! Here, we’ve rounded up our 10 best olive oil recipes for you. These recipes don’t just use EVOO, they showcase the unique flavors and characteristics of the olive oil chosen for the recipe. You’ll find everything from sauces to cocktails to desserts on our list. Get our best olive oil recipes now!

Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Chili & Garlic

This classic Italian pasta is quick and easy and insanely flavorful!

Bread Dipping Oil

Crusty bread might be our favorite vessel for fresh, extra virgin olive oil. This dipping oil will be your go-to.

Classic Vinaigrette

This vinaigrette recipe never fails us. It’s simple but flavorful and requires a more acidic vinaigrette, like a wine or cider vinegar.


This aioli recipe can be adapted with different herbs and styles of olive oil. For a basic aioli, we like to use We Olive Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil for it’s mild olive flavor.

Basil Pesto

Pesto is a simple sauce that can transform dishes of all sorts with its bright herbal flavors. This classic basil version is fresh and delicious.

The Best Olive Oil Cake Ever

This olive oil cake, developed in the We Olive test kitchen, is the best olive oil cake ever for two reasons. It’s ridiculously easy to make and it’s moist and delicious. AND you can adapt it in about a million ways, which is just a whole lot of fun. That’s three reasons, but who’s counting?

Chopped Salad at We Olive

We Olive Chopped Salad

This hearty salad is packed with flavor and makes a great entree or side dish.

Kale Salad with Lemon & Parmesan

This raw kale salad packs a healthy punch, plus it’s delicious and simple to put together. Even better, this sturdy salad holds up in the fridge for next day leftovers.

Blood Orange & Maple Olive Oil Granola

This heart-healthy granola is made with Blood Orange Olive Oil and maple syrup and is addictively sweet and salty. Serve with plain Greek yogurt for a satisfying breakfast or snack.

Peach Basil Mimosa

You can find this mimosa at a We Olive & Wine Bar near you. It’s one of our most popular weekend sippers!

Hard-boiled eggs are a nutritional superstar! They’re packed with protein and amino acids in a delicious low-calorie package. They’re even better when paired with polyphenol-rich extra virgin olive oil. We like to keep them in our fridge for a post-workout snack (drizzled with EVOO of course) or chop them up and add them to a veggie-packed salad. Here are our go-to recipes for hard-boiled eggs.

Asparagus Salad with Grated Egg – This gorgeous salad is loaded with crisp greens, tender asparagus, sweet peas and an addictive lemon balsamic vinaigrette. The star of this dish though is the hard-boiled egg grated over the top. Try this genius trick on any of your favorite salads, pasta dishes and even over avocado toast!

Extra Virgin Deviled Eggs – These are not your grandma’s deviled eggs! This tasty version gets a punch of flavor from our Wasabi Sake Mustard and is finished with a drizzle of EVOO.

Lightened Up Egg Salad – Egg salad done right is delightful. We came up with this lighter-on-the-mayo version that has satisfying eggy flavor, a nice crunch of celery and zippy hint of lemon. We like it on toast or in a crisp lettuce cup in lieu of the traditional sandwich. Try it with regular EVOO or our Meyer Lemon Olive Oil.



We love garlic in all forms so it’s no surprise to us that our Fresh Garlic Olive Oil is one of our bestselling products. It’s perfect for sauteéing, drizzling, roasting and marinading ANYTHING to which you want to add a dash of fresh garlic flavor. We’ve rounded up our favorite recipes and uses for our Fresh Garlic Olive Oil to give all you garlic lovers an extra dose of inspiration.

Balsamic Garlic Grilling Marinade

Fresh Garlic Olive Oil makes a fantastic addition to any grilling marinade for meat, poultry, seafood and veggies.

Pepperoni & Kale Flatbread

Drizzle Fresh Garlic Olive Oil on your favorite flatbreads and pizzas to finish with flair!


Garlicky Black Olive Hummus

Make your hummus with Fresh Garlic Olive Oil or finish store-bought hummus with a drizzle of it for extra flavor!

Bread Dipping Oil

Make your own bread dipping oil with lots of fresh herbs, your favorite seasonings and Fresh Garlic Olive Oil!

Pico de gallo salsa

Pico de Gallo Salsa

Add Fresh Garlic Olive Oil to all of your favorite salsa recipes!

Classic Aioli

Try using Fresh Garlic Olive Oil in a classic aioli recipe for even more delicious garlic flavor.

Food fraud—or the act of deceiving consumers about a food or ingredient for the sake of profit—affects as much as 10 percent of the global food supply. Of all the instances of food fraud in the United States, according to a scholarly database tracking this very thing, olive oil leads the way, making up 16 percent of cases (followed by milk, honey, saffron, and orange juice).  This type of deception has been around for basically as long as we’ve packaged food: Researchers have excavated mislabeled Roman jars containing counterfeit samples of oil.

One of the reasons oil is so often faked is that it’s bottled before you use it, and it travels far before it lands on grocery store shelves. The United States imports more olive oil than any other country and yet regulations on the labeling of said oil are voluntary. House and Senate subcommittees have urged the Food and Drug Administration to take a harder look at the issue; in a draft report accompanying the Agriculture Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2017, the House committee stated it was “concerned with reports that consistently describe the prevalence of adulterated and fraudulently labeled olive oil imported into the US.”

Since extra-virgin olive oil is the most valuable oil category in the United States, shady producers and dealers have plenty of incentive to mess with it in hopes of reaping more profit. They defraud consumers in three main ways: by (1) diluting real extra-virgin olive oil with less expensive oils, like soybean or sunflower oil; (2) diluting high-quality olive oil with low-quality olive oil; or (3) making low-quality extra-virgin olive oil, typically incorporating older—and often rancid—stocks of oil held over from bumper crops of previous seasons. When the University of California–Davis researchers tested olive oil bought off the shelf in 2010, they found that 69 percent of imported “extra-virgin” samples failed to meet international standards, based primarily on sensory and chemical testing.

Aside from imparting rotten flavors and ripping people off, this fraud deprives people of some of the health benefits that may have prompted them to buy the oil in the first place: Fresh extra-virgin olive oil is higher in polyphenols, which may reduce the risk of heart disease. It’s also low in saturated fat and contains antioxidants.

So what’s the best way to avoid getting fooled?

1. Price. If you’re buying a liter of olive oil for $8 a bottle, you’re probably not buying 100% olive oil and there’s a slim chance that it’s extra virgin. True extra virgin olive oil is not cheap to produce, which is why some large oil producers blend olive oil with seed oils or use practices and extraction methods that do not comply with the standards for being designated ‘extra virgin’.

2. Harvest date. A good quality extra virgin olive oil will list a harvest date on the bottle. OliveOlive oil often makes headlines for its health benefits with new studies popping up each year highlighting the properties in EVOO that fight heart disease and cancer. In recent years though, olive oil is also making news for darker reasons. This story on 60 Minutes about the Italian mafia’s practice of producing fake extra virgin olive oil aired recently and has olive oil consumers rightfully concerned. This mafioso-made fake olive oil often makes its way across the Atlantic and lands on grocery store shelves around the United States. As a consumer, how can you know that you are buying the real deal? Here are some tips for what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for EVOO. oil is a fresh product that should be consumed within a year or so of bottling and a good producer wants you to enjoy their product at its best. If you don’t see a harvest date, move on!

3. Country of origin. This one is tricky. The majority of grocery store olive oils bear the label language ‘Made in Italy’. Italy produces some fantastic olive oils, but they probably aren’t sitting on your grocery store shelf. A lot of the oil you see touting Italian heritage is often made from olives grown in other countries like Morocco or Tunisia, and then shipped to Italy for bottling. There’s very little regulation on labeling of imports so it’s difficult to know if you’re actually getting what the label tells you. Phony imports often can sit in a warehouse for months before being sold, which is no way to treat a fresh product! If you buy California olive oil that is certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC), you can trust that you’re getting the freshest, true extra virgin olive oil. If you are buying imported olive oil, make sure it has a harvest date!

4. Know your retailer. You are most likely to find true extra virgin olive oil from a specialty retailer. Larger grocery stores may carry certified extra virgin olive oil, but you have to know your labels. Shopping a smaller retailer where you can talk directly with someone who knows exactly where the olive oil came from is your best bet.

At We Olive, we’ve created a tasting room environment for you to experience and enjoy our fresh, certified extra virgin olive oils, learn about the farmer that produced the olives, and even how to use it in your cooking. Find a location near you or buy your certified EVOO in our online shop today!

Portions of this article originally appeared on Mother Jones. Find the full original article here.

The month of March is designated as Women’s History Month with March 8th marking International Women’s Day, a day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. We wanted to show you what that looks like at We Olive, with many of our locations being women-owned and women-managed and with our corporate team being led by women. We’re proud to introduce you to the Women of We Olive!

Stephanie Ennis, Co-Owner – We Olive & Wine Bar Salt Lake City, UT


Stephanie Ennis, Co-Owner, We Olive & Wine Bar Salt Lake City, UT

My current product obsession is…We Olive Traditional Aged Balsamic especially as a glaze on roasted vegetables or drizzled on a salad.

When I am not at We Olive, I am…am either working at my full-time job as a commercial interior decorator or playing games with my two beautiful granddaughters.


Amber Rabo, Co-Owner, We Olive & Wine Bar Houston, TX


Amber Rabo, Co-Owner, We Olive & Wine Bar Houston, TX and We Olive & Wine Bar Bee Cave, TX

My current product obsession is…Peach White Balsamic Vinegar and Fresh Basil Olive Oil to make We Olive Mimosas for my work team, as a gift for my lady friends and to take on vacation!

When I am not at We Olive, I am…working in HR at an energy company, cheering on our kiddos at the ballfields: Gemma (13) plays soccer and Blaise (8) plays baseball.



Karen Watson, Co-Owner, We Olive & Wine Bar Avondale, AZ




Karen Watson, Co-Owner, We Olive & Wine Bar Avondale, AZ

My current product obsession is…We Olive Wasabi Sake Mustard – love to use it on my sandwiches!

When I am not at We Olive, I am…spending quality time with my family and friends whom I love dearly.





Hope Pross, Kitchen Supervisor, We Olive & Wine Bar Los Gatos

Hope Pross, Kitchen Supervisor, We Olive & Wine Bar Los Gatos and Franchise Culinary Support, We Olive

My current product obsession is…We Olive Fresh Garlic Olive Oil and truffle salt!

When I am not at We Olive, I am…gardening.



Nikki Neuhaus, Corporate Office Administrator, We Olive



Nikki Neuhaus, Corporate Office Administrator, We Olive

My current product obsession is…We Olive Jalapeno Olive Oil. I use it in and on EVERYTHING! 

When I am not at We Olive, I am…wine tasting, attending concerts, hiking, or enjoying the sunshine at Lake Nacimiento.






Denise Floercky, Team Member, We Olive Paso Robles


Denise Floercky – We Olive Paso Robles Team Member 


My current product obsession is…We Olive Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil & Pasta Toss. I love to marinate vegetables in the blend and then grill them…or drizzle it over raw sliced cucumbers and eat them with my fingers! Delicious!

When I am not at We Olive, I am…busy planning the wedding of my oldest daughter and preparing for the arrival of my FIRST GRAND BABY!




Kaeleigh Mauntel, Manager, We Olive & Wine Bar Bee Cave, TX




Kaeleigh Mauntel, Manager, We Olive & Wine Bar Bee Cave, TX

My current product obsession is…We Olive Jalapeno Olive Oil – it’s great on tacos!

When I am not at We Olive, I am…spending time with my dog Maple, preferably outdoors with water, or enjoying a glass of wine.




Leah Jones (left), Owner – We Olive & Wine Bar Cincinnati

Leah Jones, Co-Owner, We Olive & Wine Bar Cincinnati, OH

My current product obsession is…We Olive D’Anjou Pear White Balsamic Vinegar. Dense, sweet and tart, it’s perfect for adding flavor to sparkling water, drizzled over creamy brie cheese or baked into a pastry filling.

When I am not at We Olive, I am…going on culinary adventures with my husband, reading and spending time with my family, friends and pups.


Virginia Calhoun, Owner,- We Olive & Wine Bar Shreveport



Virginia Calhoun, Co-Owner, We Olive & Wine Bar Shreveport, LA

My current product obsession is…We Olive Arbequina EVOO. It’s so versatile to use every day that it’s the perfect go-to EVOO and also delicious on vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of sea salt!

When I am not at We Olive, I am…I’m talking about We Olive!  There’s so much to talk about and it’s so exciting to bring We Olive to our community!




Natalie Sollock, Training & Development Manager – We Olive Corporate


Natalie Sollock, Training & Development Manager, We Olive 

My current product obsession is…the Bondolio Olio Nuovo (no longer in stores) on my grilled chicken salads with avocado, so fresh and delicious. I’ve also really been into our Wasabi Sake Mustard, I dip pretty much everything in it… flatbreads, pastry pups, cheese, make salad dressings…mmm!

When I am not at We Olive, I am…on a hike, biking to the beach, at a yoga class or at the San Diego Zoo.


Danielle Saucier, Team Member – We Olive & Wine Bar Pasadena, CA



Danielle Saucier, Team Member, We Olive & Wine Bar Pasadena

My current product obsession is…We Olive Arbosana EVOO.

When I am not at We Olive, I am…tasting and learning about all the local craft breweries. I am currently studying for cicerone certification!



Joan Masegian, Co-Owner, We Olive Folsom

Joan Masegian, Co-Owner, We Olive Folsom

My current product obsession is…Meyer Lemon Olive Oil with Peach White Balsamic.  Love these together as a dressing on my cold broccoli salad. Loads of flavor and keeps in the refrigerator for days.

When I am not at We Olive, I am…enjoying my time off from the store with my youngest son, Gregory, a senior in high school, and my grandkids! I also like to crochet blankets and sew.





Denise Reeser, Director of Operations, We Olive Corporate Office


Denise Reeser, Director of Operations – We Olive

My current product obsession is…We Olive Triple Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar. Coming soon to We Olive stores!

When I am not at We Olive, I am…hanging out in my she-shed and writing for my own blog, Hootshack.





Co-Owner We Olive & Wine Bar Costa Mesa Deb Glasgow


Deb Glasgow, Co-Owner, We Olive & Wine Bar Costa Mesa, CA

My current product obsession is…Jalapeno Olive Oil! I love to spice up anything from soups, to salads, hummus, popcorn, make tortilla chips, it’s my go-to oil for eggs!

When I am not at We Olive, I am…I am out in nature (as much as I can be in So Cal), hiking, whale watching, picnicking in the park. When I can get a couple days off, I am up in Paso Robles visiting my family, with a little wine tasting too. I enjoy quiet time as well, meditation, astrology, exploring holistic healing. Massage, Reiki, etc… I love how healing olive oil is and now exploring essential oils.




Amanda Sarich, General Manager, We Olive & Wine Bar Los Gatos


Amanda Sarich – General Manager, We Olive & Wine Bar Los Gatos & Franchise Wine Program Coordinator, We Olive

My current product obsession is…We Olive Meyer Lemon Olive Oil…on everything.

When I am not at We Olive, I am…working on We Olive but at home. I do find time to sleep, eat, drink wine and occasionally squeeze in a trip somewhere where I can also eat, sleep and drink wine.

Fresh extra virgin olive oils produced from the most recent harvest are in and we can’t wait for you taste them! Learn why freshness is so important and how to keep olive oil fresh.

If you experienced Olio Nuovo right after the harvest in the fall, you’ll understand why we are so excited. Olio Nuovo, which is the freshest olive oil you’ll ever experience, is picked, milled and bottled within a day or so of harvest. Olive oil producers typically only make a small amount of Olio Nuovo because it doesn’t have as long a shelf life as regular extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil producers will mill all of the harvested olives, just like Olio Nuovo, but they allow the milled oil to rack for a few months so the tiny olive pieces can settle. This process gives EVOO a shelf life of about 18 – 24 months vs. the 3 – 6 months you’ll get from Olio Nuovo. That means we start to get the fresh olive oil that has been racking right around this time each year. And it is delicious!

Here is a lesser-known fact: Extra virgin olive oil is fresh-squeezed juice. Consequently, extra virgin olive oil is perishable. And, unlike wine, extra virgin olive oil doesn’t improve with age.

How to keep olive oil fresh and extend the shelf life.

Use it

Many people save good quality extra virgin olive oil for special occasions, but it’s a fresh product that should be consumed! Once bottlled, olive oil has an 18-24 month shelf life so extra virgin olive oil should be purchased within 12 to 18 months of its harvest date and should be used up within six months of opening. We recommend using up the oil within 30 to 60 days upon opening. Remember, high-quality extra virgin olive oil provides the best health benefits and flavor when it’s fresh.

Protect it from light

Extended exposure to light can deteriorate the quantity and quality of the antioxidants found in olive oil. Olive oil should be packaged in dark glass or tin to cut down on light exposure. It should also be stored away from direct light as exposure to light dramatically shortens the shelf life of extra virgin olive oil.

Store it properly

Store extra virgin olive oil away from light, air and heat.  These elements accelerate the process of oxidation which leads to rancidity. As oxidation occurs naturally over time, it is best to use the oil up once it is open within the first 6 months.

Olive oil should not be stored next to the stove as this exposes the oil to consistent heat. It is also not recommended to store oil in the refrigerator because condensation within the bottle may lead to off flavors. Store your oil in a cool, dark cabinet or pantry.

The optimal storage temperature for olive oil is 60 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposure to warmer temperatures causes unpleasant flavors to develop in the olive oil.